When Trees Need Help, Seek Tree Care Services In East Lyme CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


No yard or landscape seems complete without one or more trees. Once the trees are planted and mature over time, they need tree care services in East Lyme, CT. Trees are pretty hardy and grow to huge sizes. That is what we like about trees. They start as tiny seeds and can grow to as much twenty or more feet tall. Trees can provide shade and fruit or nuts to their owners. But, trees can not reach their full potential without proper care.

Tree Planting Or Removal

A healthy tree starts with good stock and proper planting and care. Every climate and soil condition is good for some kinds of trees and not others. Trees should be chosen to do well in the existing conditions of the landscape they are added to. Thought should be put into their choice with considerations such as the space available for the mature tree, soil conditions, climate, and how much maintenance the kind of tree will need. Once the tree is properly planted by a professional tree service, it will mature and grow.

All trees have normal life spans after which they will deteriorate and need to be removed. Older trees and those that have been compromised by storm damage or disease will need to be cut down and removed. Since older trees are at full growth, the sheer size is daunting at removal time. It takes an experienced professional to remove a tree that may be twenty feet tall with many heavy branches. Tree care services in East Lyme, CT such as Dunn’s Tree Service have the proper tools, vehicles, and knowledge to safely remove, chunk up, and haul away problem trees.

Tree Care

Trees that are chosen carefully, properly planted, and well cared for will live longer and look better. Trees left on their own with little professional care can look misshapen and be more prone to tree disease and insect damage. When storms damage trees and break branches, tree trimmers can repair the damaged trees with pruning or remove the ones that are severely damaged and haul the mess away. When trees must be removed, professional tree services can furnish and plant replacement trees. For more information, click here.

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