When You Know It’s Time To Vape Using A King Mod

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


There are some e-cigarettes that just have the look of style and even a futuristic element that attracts comments and makes others want to have the same device. However, when it comes to the King Mod, this isn’t the best vaping option for everyone, especially if you are new to vaping.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the King Mod is a mechanical vape mod, which means that it requires more user attention and understanding of proper wattage and voltage just to vape safely and to actually get the best flavor and experience.

With other types of e-cigarettes, you can still experiment with changing settings and making adjustments to your e cigarette, but you cannot go beyond certain pre-set limits for safety. The King Mod is considered an unregulated mod because it is really a user controlled device, which means knowing what to do and what not to do for a quality vaping experience.

The Options

With the King Mod, as with all mechanical mods, the system is really a basic system that you can then add to on your own. There is a button to press to cause the power from the battery to go to the atomizer coil and allow you to vape, but that is not regulated by the circuits in the e-cig as you find in standard models.

The King Mod, as with all mechanical vaporizers, offers users the options to change out components as necessary without all the issues with pre-set circuitry. Also, you can develop your own vaping style, including what is known as sub-ohm vaping. This uses a low resistance atomizer that can be rebuilt to your own personal configuration and preferences.

Tips for Using a King Mod

There are a few simple rules or tips you can use when using any mechanical mod. One essential consideration is to always choose a top quality battery. This is essential as there is no override or shut down on these e-cigs as is found in standard e-cigarettes.

Typically most people using the King Mod or other types of mechanical mods prefer an ICR battery or an IMR battery, which is a lithium manganese oxide battery option. Always check the batteries before use and throw out any batteries that are old, damaged or that are overheating during use.

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