When You Need A Heavy Duty Mitigation System In Pittsburgh, PA

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2016


In Pennsylvania, homeowners acquire measures to reduce common risks in their home. These risks are associated with gas emissions as well. Radon is among the gas emissions that could enter the properties. A Heavy Duty Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA could provide risk mitigation of these homeowners.

When Do You Need Radon Mitigation?

The property owner needs radon mitigation after testing has indicated high levels of the gas. Any test results that indicates at least four picocuries per liter show risks associated with the gas emissions. These levels indicate that the homeowner or their family could have been exposed to higher levels of the gas. This could present them with major health risks. This includes the development of lung cancer.

How Do These Systems Work?

The system itself is designed to force the gas emissions away from the property. The system includes a fan installation connecting to piping. The fan captures the radon gas and forces it into the piping. The piping flows out to the edges of the property. This ensures the homeowner that the gas will not enter their property. The system also has a monitor to indicate the current radon levels under and around the property.

What are the Installation Options?

The property owner may have the system installed underneath the property or in the attic. The way in which the gas emissions flow into the property determines the most effective option for the property owner. The testing provider offers suggestions for these purposes.

Reviewing Further Steps for Mitigation

Further steps for mitigation include the continuation of testing strategies. At any time that the monitor indicates higher levels of the gas emissions, the homeowner should schedule further testing. This could indicate whether or not the system is functioning properly. These systems like all other installations require maintenance and repairs.

In Pennsylvania, homeowners could reduce common risks inside their property with the right installations. All homeowners should acquire radon testing to indicate the current levels inside the property. This could reduce their risk of lung cancer. Homeowners who need to acquire a Heavy Duty Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA should contact Omega Radon to schedule testing and mitigation services today.

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