When You Need Water Drainage Repair in Branford CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


When asphalt starts to fail, there can be a wide variety of different reasons. Perhaps the most common reason is age. Over time, asphalt will begin to crumble, and eventually buckle inwards, without regular maintenance. A number of different things can speed the aging process in asphalt pavements, and one of the most damaging factors can be the environment. While the constant rays of the sun do play a part in the weakening of the asphalt pavement, perhaps the most damaging environmental factor over time is water.

The need for asphalt water drainage repair in Branford CT is high today for several reasons. The main reason may be improperly maintained asphalt. When asphalt pavement does not have a protective coating, it is unable to properly repel water and other liquids, for example the motor oil from vehicles that pass over it. Although water may not seem as though it would be weighty enough to cause major damage, consider how heavy accumulated water could quickly become. In a single rain storm, a huge amount of water could end up standing on the pavement for days afterwards, especially if there is not a proper drainage system installed. The weight of that water can easily cause the pavement to begin buckling, even if it was previously in excellent shape.

Even if a sluggish drainage system does eventually slough the water off the asphalt pavement, it may be too late to prevent damage. Some of the signs of damage may include long vertical cracks at the edges of the pavement, small patchy looking cracks all over the pavement, or a discoloration in the pavement. Even with a brand new asphalt road or parking lot, the asphalt will not remain in pristine condition for very long if the water drainage system is not properly installed. Oldear pavement that has a poor water drainage system needs to have Water Drainage Repair in Branford CT as fast as possible to prevent the development of further damage. As long as asphalt is properly installed and maintained by a professional and experienced company like Atwater Paving, there is no reason that damage has to occur at all!

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