When Your Car Is Making Noises or Sluggish, Transmission Repair in Conroe Can Help

Posted By : ALEX , on Sep, 2014


When you are getting sick, there are usually signs of it. Maybe you’ll be sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing. When you car is getting sick, it also will give you signs. Let’s say your transmission needs checked or your fluid needs changed, it will give you such signs as:

1. A wet spot under your car that is not oil or your air conditioning drainage and is usually red in color.
2. Vibrations in your car when your car is shifting from one gear to another.
3. Winding and grinding noises under the floor boards of your car.

If you have experienced any of these, you need to check into Transmission Repair in Conroe. Your transmission fluid needs to be checked at least every 3,000 miles and needs to be flushed per the owner manual’s recommendation. Not checking your transmission fluid levels and having your transmission flushed can lead to a brownish burnt transmission fluid, which means more expensive damage has been done to your car.

If your transmission overheats, this could mean you have a bad solenoid in your car or damaged transmission lines. Eventually what will happen is your car will either stop moving, not stay in place when parked or you’ll press your gas pedal and your car will not move until several seconds after you hit the gas pedal. If this happens to you, that’s when you will need to get your car to a Best Transmission Repair Shop in Conroe.

Taking your car to a garage that handles transmissions and also Discount Brake and Auto Repair, would be the best option. First of all, they can see if it is your transmission or possibly something to do with your brakes or another part of your engine. If you take it to just a transmission shop and there is something else wrong with it, you are then stuck picking up your car and finding another garage to diagnose your car’s problems and take up more of your valuable time.

Don’t let your car’s sickness turn into a costly repair. When you hear noises or changes in your car’s engine and performance, just like you would notice if you were not feeling well, your car will give you signs that it needs to be checked.

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