Where Might You Want To Use Vinyl Flooring In Charlotte North Carolina?

Posted By : Alex , on Aug, 2014


First, what is Vinyl Flooring In Charlotte and elsewhere? Vinyls are a group of plastic monomers derived from ethylene. When polymerized, they form compounds such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). When suitably processed into flat sheets, PVC can be used as a floor covering either laid from rolls or factory cut into tiles for individual laying. Adhesives are usually used to fix the PVC to the floor as Vinyl Flooring For Charlotte.

Is Vinyl Flooring In Charlotte The Same As Linoleum?

Chemically, they are very different, linoleum is produced mainly from linseed oil with mainly natural additives and some mineral fillers included to increase the finished properties required for flooring purposes. Linoleum is usually supplied with a canvas backing. Linoleum was first produced around 1855 and is the older of the two. Original PVC floorings included asbestos in their mix but this was dropped on health grounds in the 1980’s. However, there is still some health issues being raised relating to the chemicals that are given off when PVC is set on fire – either as burning scrap or in the case of a building fire. Some also say that lino is a more sustainable product than PVC which has an oil and gas base.

These considerations notwithstanding, dyes can be added to produce different floor covering colors and both materials can be produced with patterned upper surfaces. Another feature of Vinyl Flooring In Charlotte is that it can be produced to have the appearance of something more expensive like wood, stone or even carpeting.


Vinyl Flooring In Charlotte is popular in areas of high usage such as corridors where a prestigious covering may not be deemed essential. As well as the lower cost of PVC, floors covered in PVC material are very durable and easy to maintain – especially in the case of mopping them down with soapy water, a feature that lends their use to areas where hygiene is considered an important issue. In addition, the resilience of the material often acts as a protection against breakage when something drops to the floor – such as crockery in a kitchen.

Whether to use roll form or tiles is a somewhat individual question but an advantage of tiles is that any damaged or worn portion can be easily replaced. However, tiles generally require a higher degree of flatness in the underlying floor.

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