Where to Buy Rock in Portland Oregon

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Home and Garden


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Rock has a number of functional and decorative purposes. It is hardly surprising that it is popular among landscape designers. It is used in many parts of Portland, Oregon in gardens of varying sizes. The good thing about using this product is that it is affordable on most budgets, especially if you choose the right supplier. If you are buying rock in Portland Oregon, a landscape supplier that offers many different options will give you value for money.

Incorporating rock into your landscape design is not particularly challenging. Since there are so many different sizes and types available, it may take a while to come up with the right look. Always remember that the sizes and the colors used must complement your landscape design and your home. When buying rock in Portland Oregon, some people prefer to start with boulders. The color options include charcoal, grey, black, amber and shades of green. Any of these can be used to accent your garden or line the sides f your driveway. Another attractive option is to add boulders to a garden waterfall.

Depending on the supplier, boulder sizes may range from 18 inches to 36 inches. There is also a wide selection of rock options from which to choose. You will be able to use some of them for building of patios, driveways or sidewalks. Most people however, buy rock for its versatility as garden decoration. Landscape supply companies carry rocks that vary in color, size and type. A few suppliers may have more than a hundred different types.

If you cannot visit a landscape supply company in person, you can see what they offer on their website. This will help you to work out the size and color early in your landscape design process. When you know what colors are available, it is easy to decide where you will use the rocks in your yard. You can use rocks alongside driveways or at different spots in your garden. If you are unable to pick up the rocks, make sure that the company will provide delivery. Click here to learn how a supplier might be able to give you useful ideas on using this product to revitalize the look of your yard.

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