Who To Contact When Posting A Jail Bond In Clayton County

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Legal


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Being arrested is an unfortunate event that happens to thousands of people on a daily basis. When someone is arrested for a crime, they are usually taken to a local jail to await their trial and sentencing. However, instead of waiting behind bars, most charges come with a bond amount that can be posted for someone’s release. This is a good idea because nobody wants to wait behind bars for their trial, and it also shows the court that you are willing to pay any money it takes to resolve your case without jail time. Those who wait in jail for their trial are more likely to be sentenced to time behind bars than those who post their bond.

Those who are arrested and need to post a Jail Bond in Clayton County should Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds. This bondsman is one of the most popular in the area because they are known for working with defendants. While some people may not have the amount of money necessary to get out of jail right away, they do have alternative options they can take advantage of. Some people will let a bondsman hold the title to their vehicle in order to ensure they are able to be released from jail and continue working so they can make payments on the bond amount. Some people even give a bondsman the title to their home, but this is usually only required in serious cases where someone has a large bond amount. The bond someone will be required to pay is directly related to the charges against them. Keep that in mind if you need to post a Jail Bond in Clayton County.

Some charges only have a minimal bond amount with them, such as misdemeanor non-violent crimes. However, people who are facing felony charges are usually going to have a bond amount that’s over $100,000. This is something that needs to be taken seriously because a bondsman will usually require that 10% of the total bond amount be paid to them. This means that someone with a $100,000 bond is still going to have to come up with $10,000 to get out of jail. Take advantage of bonding agencies that work with defendants so you don’t have to sit behind bars and wait for your trial or sentencing day.

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