Why a Dirty HVAC Can Become Broken

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


Usage of your HVAC system over time can attract dirt that may suddenly cause your unit to start malfunctioning or even stop working altogether. One of many HVAC solutions in Forest Park that you should be aware of is that a clean HVAC is a working HVAC.

Problems Caused by Dirt

When HVAC condensers, filters or evaporators accumulate dirt or other blockages, the unit may end up shutting down. A register or a filter that is clogged up cuts off airflow. If so, the unit’s evaporator coil can ice up and not function. Also, condenser coils that are clogged prevent the unit from blowing out hot air, thus resulting in the compressor heating up. If the compressor does not shut down in time, the heat can damage the compressor.

Cleaning the Unit

Generally, a HVAC should be inspected and cleaned regularly, but in the event a HVAC breaks down, cleaning the unit is a good piece of advice, not only because clean coils are important to a functioning unit, but also to confirm or eliminate dirty coils as the culprit of the malfunction.
These HVAC solutions in Forest Park should include cleaning condenser coils, washing or replacing filters if necessary, and ensuring that supply vents are not obstructed.

After the Cleaning

Not all HVAC problems result from a dirty unit. In the event the HVAC continues to malfunction after it has been cleaned, a HVAC professional will likely test out other components of the system to find the problem. These can include the start relay, valves and terminal connections. If the problem is more complicated that dirt buildup, the repair job will likely involve repairing or replacing electrical parts, which should only be handled by professionals.

Sometimes, the key to finding HVAC solutions in Forest Park that can resolve your HVAC breakdown is to look for dirt and blockage. Clogged condenser coils are a recipe for overheating, which may require repair of an air compressor or other components. Click here for more information.

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