Why a Mold Detection Service in Alexandria, VA Is Important to Homeowners

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Mold can be found in almost every Alexandria home. All it takes is a damp, warm bathroom for the fungus to take root. In most cases this common problem is easy to solve. However, issues like damp, moldy basements often signal much more serious problems and the need for a Mold Detection Service in Alexandria VA. Professionals in the industry can find out what is causing mold to form, repair the problems and then protect homes against future growths.

Common Mold Is Not Always Innocent

Because mold can be so common in bathrooms, it is easy to dismiss the issue as a minor cleaning challenge, which it sometimes is. However, a recurring problem in areas like basements, laundry areas and kitchens often means that homes have hidden problems. Left untreated, mold growths can eat into building materials and poison indoor air. Once the fungus is circulated via HVAC systems, it not only spreads to new areas but can irritate health problems like asthma or allergies.

Professional Inspections Identify the Problems

Fortunately, the inspectors who provide Mold Detection Service in Alexandria VA can find every source of mold as well as many other issues. For example, they locate fungi in wall cracks, under carpeting and in cabinetry. Technicians also search and find the sources of the growths. They know that all mold needs is warmth, humidity and a food sources in order to grow and cause expensive damage. Inspectors often find that hidden growths are related to leaking pipes, foundation problems, leaking windows or high humidity.

Mold Removal Experts Protect Homes

Clients who know the sources of mold problems but still cannot eliminate them also find help at websites like http://mypmsimoldtreatment.com. When they Visit the Site customers can arrange for expert elimination. Technicians will then design treatments that kill a wide range of dangerous pollutants. They typically use a 2-part mold removal system that also destroys viruses and bacteria, including E. coli, Herpes Simplex type 1 and 2 and salmonella enteric. In addition, treatments prevent growths from returning.

Household mold that seems to be a simple but annoying cleaning problem can actually signal hidden dangers. Fortunately mold removal experts are able to find and repair the causes of mold. They also offer treatments that remove the fungus as well as many harmful bacteria and viruses.

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