Why a Tree Landscaping Company in Anaheim Typically Refuses to Perform Wind Sailing Service

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jan, 2019


A Tree Landscaping Company in Anaheim prunes trees to remove weak and dead branches and trim back branches to allow new growth. A certain amount of branch removal may be done to increase ventilation and sunshine for the entire tree. A practice known as “wind sailing” is somewhat controversial among tree service technicians, and many providers may not want to perform this service if a customer asks for it.

Thinning the Crown

As with cutting the top off a tree, the practice of wind sailing is not something tree service technicians generally feel comfortable doing. The misguided idea is to reduce the possibility of wind damage to the tree by thinning out the crown, thus allowing wind to pass through the branches and leaves without any breakage. However, a healthy tree normally can withstand high winds except in very unusual situations, such as straight-line winds that actually uproot and blow entire trees to the ground.

Bending and Swaying

Property owners may feel alarmed when they see a tree bending and swaying during strong winds. However, this actually is a natural technique for the tree to determine where it needs to grow more wood for strength. That’s a primary reason knowledgeable technicians with a Tree Landscaping Company in Anaheim do not want to thin the crown at random. The method usually prevents the tree from moving very much during wind, which gradually makes it weaker and more vulnerable to wind damage.

Other Problems

With too many branches removed, the tree cannot produce enough nutrition from sunshine because there is no longer enough leaf cover. It becomes increasingly unstable. Also, wind sailing makes the tree looks relatively bare, decreasing its beauty.

No Verification

Tree experts say no research has indicated that wind sailing has any benefits for trees. Technicians from an organization such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc can evaluate any trees that property owners are concerned about and determine whether they pose a potential hazard. Many of those trees can still be saved with professional, strategic pruning that enhances a tree’s stability and balance. Indiscriminate cutting of branches in the crown and topping off the tree are inadvisable. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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