Why Businesses Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Wichita KS

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Most people understand the importance of auto insurance. It provides protection for a personal vehicle, as well as liability coverage for any accidents that can occur. Auto insurance for a personal vehicle is a great benefit for anyone to have for their vehicle that is used for personal reasons, such as driving to and from work, school and errands. All vehicles on the road need some form of insurance. However, business owners that use vehicles in their business need a different type of coverage. Commercial Auto Insurance in Wichita KS can provide the coverage needed for various types of businesses and the vehicles used in that business.

When a business uses vehicles to perform many functions of the company, personal auto insurance will not suffice. Personal auto insurance usually only covers a specific driver and their personal vehicle. However, with a business, there are often several vehicles, as well as several drivers that perform the driven functions of the business. Personal insurance will not cover these types of activities. In addition, there are specific liabilities that a company vehicle can face that a personal vehicle does not. Commercial auto insurance in Wichita KS can cover the specific needs of a business’s vehicles and the employees that drive those vehicles.

Another issue with insurance to cover company vehicles is that each company uses their vehicles in a manner specific to the business’s needs. Some businesses require a lot of travel for deliveries and other company related travels. Other businesses may not use their vehicles often, but need them available for those moments that they do. Some businesses may require only one or two vehicles, while another may need hundreds. In some cases, each driver may be assigned a particular vehicle, in other cases, one vehicle may have several drivers throughout the work week. These are also different rules and laws that govern the ways these vehicles are driven. Personal auto insurance cannot cover many of these conditions.

Also, these businesses need a coverage that can be customized to suit their specific needs. Unlike personal auto insurance, commercial insurance can be customized in various ways that can provide protection for each driver, as well as the business. You can visit us for more information about commercial insurance.

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