Why Car Insurance is a Must-Have in San Jose

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


Chances are you have heard the message from the Division of Motor Vehicle sin your state from time to time. Driving is a privilege, not a right. However, this privilege causes more than 30,000 wrecks every single day and more than 11 million each year. Approximately 25 percent of all the wrecks that occur involve some type of injury, the rest only cause property damage.

Now that you understand the facts regarding wrecks and the damages and injuries that occur, you understand why most states (all but New Hampshire, in fact) require some type of car insurance in San Jose. Some of the reasons they need this coverage are found here.

Legal Issues

When car insurance is purchased, it ensures that drivers are compliant with the established state laws. Each state has its own coverage minimums and it is important to abide by these. If a wreck exceeds these minimums (which they often do) then the driver will be responsible to cover the remaining cost. This is why it is essential to carry more than the minimum required coverage.

Financial Issues

There are a number of states that also require drivers to have liability insurance if they cause the wreck that results in property damage and medical bills for other people. There are some states that require this type of coverage and getting to know the requirements in your state is essential to ensure adequate insurance is purchased.

There are some auto loan lenders who may require that motorists have comprehensive and collision coverage, as well, to cover the damage that occurs to their own vehicle.

Providing Peace of Mind

While purchasing car insurance will not eliminate the potential for a wreck, it will reduce the frustration and stress that is involved. After an accident occurs, the insurance company will take care of the claims processes. Also, insurance companies often provide roadside assistance, as well as rental car coverage.

When you are ready to purchase auto insurance, it is essential to compare the Auto Insurance Quote that is given with others, from other companies. Doing this will help to ensure that adequate coverage is purchased for a price that is affordable to the driver. This is a crucial factor that must be considered carefully to ensure that adequate coverage is purchased and held. This will protect a driver as well as other drivers who are on the road. Visit us website for more details.

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