Why Choose Bio-Technology Recruiting Over Pharmaceutical Recruiting?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2018


If you’ve been on the hunt for career-relevant work within the bio-technology field for some time, you’ve likely witnessed pharmaceutical recruiters also looking for executives with your level of expertise. In fact, you may have considered applying for those positions, if you haven’t taken the plunge already! However, there are notable differences between the positions offered to pharmaceutical executives versus what you will find from bio-technology executive recruiters in New Jersey.

Before you try dipping your feet into the pharmaceutical recruiting pool, here are a few examples of the differences between it and bio-technology recruiting.

Bio-Technology Positions Offer Greater Stock Opportunities

Sticking to looking for work from bio-technology executive recruiters in New Jersey may prove to be much more lucrative if you are interested in investing in the industry. This is because the bio-technology industry has a much higher rate of brand new companies looking to get off the ground. These companies are willing to take larger risks regarding their hiring techniques, especially when it comes to granting higher-ranking employees the chance to throw in their hat as an investor. Investing in a brand new company can offer better opportunities on an economic and professional level.

You’ll Land the Highest Level Work Possible

When you choose to work with pharmaceutical recruiters to land a position, you may wind up performing lower level work than you anticipated. This won’t be the case when you look for work with the help of bio-technology executive recruiters in New Jersey. With their expertise, you will be able to land positions that allow you to collaborate with other higher-ups within a company as well as throughout the industry as a whole. This can present invaluable opportunities for executives, as it allows them to share their expertise, gain further influence throughout the field and network with the best possible connections.

Anyone interested in getting in touch with the best bio-technology executive recruiters in New Jersey can reach out to Katama Consulting Group by calling (508) 687-0496 or visiting their website.

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