Why Do-It-Yourself Methods Should Never Be Chosen Instead of Professional Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2019


Some men, women and teenagers are tempted to try do-it-yourself teeth straightening without professional Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA. There are two main strategies. One is to use elastic bands, like hair bands, to gradually move teeth together and fill gaps. Another is to use mail-order aligners similar to those prescribed by dentists.

Mail-Order Aligners

Mail-order aligners at least use somewhat scientific methodology. The customer uses a kit to make an impression of the teeth and also takes photos of the bite. These are sent to the company. A set of customized aligners is then provided, one for each stage of the straightening process.

This sounds OK in theory. However, without direct supervision and observation by a dentist at a clinic such as Mill Plain Dental Center, serious problems can occur. Aligners apply pressure to the teeth, teeth roots and jawbone. Teeth can become loose when too much pressure is applied or when they are forced to move too quickly. Sometimes, these teeth cannot be saved.

In contrast, with Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA, a dentist monitors the situation during scheduled appointments. X-rays are taken for better evaluation of the entire mouth structure. The dentist can keep an eye on the patient’s oral hygiene as well.

Elastic Bands

The idea of using elastic bands to move teeth is especially problematic, for similar reasons. People in online videos praise the speed of successful gap filling, but that quick fix can cause serious problems. The risk of loose teeth and loss of the affected teeth is high. The roots are moving too quickly, so the body may have to reabsorb this structure. In addition, another gap is likely to occur since usually only two teeth are being moved. The rest of the teeth are ignored in this process.

About Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialty that men and women may complete after completing dental school. It requires a minimum of two years in the specialty program, including a residency, because the work is so complicated. It becomes clear why trying to straighten teeth with aligners sent by mail is inadvisable and why people should seek assistance from a Trusted Dentist.

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