Why Granite Is One Types of the Best Kitchen Countertops in Minneapolis

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2020


There are lots of great options for kitchen countertops in Minneapolis. One of them, granite, has been a popular choice for quite a long time now, proving that it’s more than a passing fad. If you’re considering different kitchen countertop options, then read on to learn why granite is among the best of them.

It’s Long-Lasting

Granite is quite possibly the strongest stone-based option for kitchen countertops in Minneapolis that you can get. It’s very difficult to chip, break or even scratch countertops made of granite. And if you apply a sealant to it, it becomes even stronger and even more stain-resistant than it already is. In many cases, you can expect up to 100 years of life out of your granite countertop.

It Resists and Repels Dirt and Germs

Granite kitchen countertops in Minneapolis, especially those that have been sealed, are non-porous, meaning it won’t absorb water like other materials. This means that dirt and germs have nowhere to go and remain on the surface of your countertop, making it easy to rid your surface of them with a simple wipe down.

It’s Practical

In most kitchens, countertops are regularly dealt blows from heavy hot pots and pans and sharp utensils. The last thing you need is a delicate material covering your countertop, which granite is not. Additionally, granite countertops are perfectly flat, which means you won’t have to worry about grooves, bumps or dents causing spills and the like.

It Makes Your Home Attractive

Finally, for all the reasons just listed, home shoppers like to see granite countertops in the homes they’re considering purchasing. In some cases, a house sale can come down to the type of countertop that’s installed in the kitchen.

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