Why Handle Final Arrangements by Pre-planning in Bel Air?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Most people participate in pre-planning funeral or cremation services to lock in lower pricing, spare families the burden of making decisions and have peace of mind. Since money is rarely an issue for people living in Bel Air, why be concerned with the process of Pre-planning in Bel Air? There may be residents who need to live on a budget, but that is unlikely.

Keeping Up Appearances

The two percent of Americans living in the highest income bracket spend a great deal of time and effort keeping up appearances for their neighbors and the common working people. Pre-planning is one way to make sure any final good-byes live up to current standards. The personal touches will mean people remember the deceased in exactly the manner he prefers.

Those who played golf every weekend can arrange for the mercy meal to be held at the premiere golf course or arrange for the flowers to be transported to the cemetery in decorated golf carts. The deceased can leave instructions to be buried in his lucky golfing outfit or with a prized nine-iron. Memorial cards can be printed with the golf course in the background, and donations to be made instead of flowers to the beneficiaries of the annual charity golf tournament.

Eliminating Conflict

Another reason for Pre-planning in Bel Air is to avoid conflicts that can get ugly. Leaving decisions up to someone else may lead to the starter wife arguing with the current wife. Business partners may squabble over who will present the eulogy and various children from different marriages will fight over who will be pall bearers. Making plans at Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services will prevent at that unpleasant airing of dirty laundry.

Burial or Cremation

This decision should be made by the deceased before death so wishes will be honored. A burial may be easier because there will be no fighting over ashes in that case. If cremation is selected, be sure to specify who gets ashes and what containers will be used for display or storage. People can visit website for ideas, merchandise, and pricing. Compassionate staff is available for selection assistance regarding the service, casket, music, and flowers.

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