Why Hiring a Capable Child Support Attorney Matters in Keller, TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


Non-custodial parents have a financial responsibility to their children. If your ex-spouse or partner isn’t sending enough or not sending any at all, you’ll need legal help and assistance. Hiring a Child Support Attorney in Keller, TXis the next best legal course you can take.

How Much is Enough

The court sets the amount of child support in every case. This will generally be based on the parent’s income and the time each parent spends with the child. Your lawyer can help you understand this in greater detail.

Know the Factors

Other factors that can affect the child support payment include the following: the quality of life the child experienced before the parents divorced and any expenses involved in raising the child such as schooling, entertainment, transportation, food, clothing, and housing. In case the child has specific medical needs due to a learning or mental disability, those costs will be factored in as well.

Changes in Payment Terms

Once the payment has been set, it can be incredibly difficult to change the terms and will only be possible through legal means. For instance, if the non-custodial parent spends more time with the child, that could reduce the amount of child support s/he is expected to pay. You’ll want to have a lawyer by your side to help you understand any of the changes in the terms and conditions previously laid out by the court.

Failure to Pay and Legal Consequences

In case the non-custodial parent fails to send child support, legal action might be taken by the custodial parent. Failure to pay could lead to jail time, tax refund interception, property seizure, and more. Hiring a child support attorney will help you identify your legal options and how to proceed with the case to get the outcome that’s in your and your child’s best interests. Connect with us on Facebook!!

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