Why Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Martinsburg, WV is the Right Move

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Getting behind the wheel while under the influence was not the smartest thing to do. After being pulled over, tested, and taken to the local jail, now is a good time to get smart and seek the services of a DUI lawyer in Martinsburg, WV. Here is what the lawyer can do for the client.

Evaluating the Circumstances

The DUI lawyer in Martinsburg, WV can make sure that the arresting officer followed all applicable procedures, up to and including the administration of the tests to determine the amount of alcohol in the blood. This is important, because if the officer failed to do anything required by law, there may be grounds for having the charges dismissed. At the very least, the lawyer can review the situation and ensure that the rights of the client were observed at all times.

Preparing a Defense

There is no doubt that the client was driving under the influence, but that does not mean the individual is entitled to anything less than a proper defense. To that end, the lawyer will seek to provide as much information in favor of the client as possible. There could be something in the past of the client that would prove helpful when the time comes to answer the charges.

For example, if the client has a clean driving record up to that point, making sure the judge is aware of that does provide some room for passing the most lenient sentence currently allowed by law. In other words, the client could end up on probation and be required to attend a court-ordered class instead of spending time behind bars.

Even when there is no doubt that the charges are valid, choosing to appear before a judge without legal representation is not the best idea. After arranging bail, visit  and set up an appointment with a lawyer. During that first meeting, provide full disclosure about what took place and talk with the legal counsel about how to proceed. Together, it will be easier to settle on a course of action that is most likely to provide the best possible outcome for the client.

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