Why Homeowners Should Call a Pro to Install Hardwood Floors in Tribeca

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


With DIY info and websites becoming more prevalent, many homeowners are tempted to tackle major home renovations without help. While some flooring types are fine for a homeowner to install, hardwood is more complex. Below, homeowners can learn why they should consider hiring a hardwood flooring installation specialist.

Homeowners Often Overestimate Cost Savings

Many believe they will save on flooring installation by doing it themselves, but a closer look at some of the project’s important details may reveal that the savings aren’t as extensive as one may think. An installer of Hardwood Floors in Tribeca already has the supplies and tools needed to do the job, where a homeowner would have to buy an expensive list of tools such as nail guns and miter saws that they may not use again. DIY projects result in more waste than professional installations do, and a pro can get the job done in a couple of days, where the homeowner’s efforts may take a week or more.

Consider the Home’s Layout

The installation process is only part of what the contractor does; they also evaluate other factors such as the beams and the subfloor. The contractor will examine the room’s layout, find its focal points and create a balanced flooring plan that minimizes small, awkward cuts. When a homeowner hires a pro, they don’t just hire someone to install a floor; they also pay for the assurance of a great-looking result.

Floor Leveling

Most people have visited a home where the floors weren’t perfectly level. A home is rarely 100% level and square in its construction, and such variances must be considered when installing Hardwood Floors in Tribeca. Installation professionals have the skills and knowledge needed to level floors, and they know how to leave expansion gaps to prevent future buckling and heaving.

Rely on the Professionals

Hardwood floor installers work with these products every day, and that experience carries over into other aspects of the job. While it can be tempting to rely on info found in DIY videos, unless the homeowner has prior flooring experience, they should work with a hardwood flooring professional such as New York Wood Flooring.

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