Why Invest in Water Conditioners in Gainesville FL?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Water conditioners in Gainesville FL have a few advantages over water refiners. Both systems will soften hard water and both are connected where the water supply enters the home. The differences stem from how each system improves the quality of the water.

Refiners operate using salt pellets to remove metal particles from the water. Pellets have to be added on a regular basis. Conditioner systems use a conductive plate to magnetize all minerals and particles and are less expensive to operate.

Removes More Impurities

Water refiners remove metallic elements and prevent the build up of limescale. Conditioners also remove chlorine and bacteria that may be present in the water supply. They also soften the water, although it is not to the same degree as refiners do. Limescale can still build up in pipes and appliances but will be dramatically decreased compared to untreated water.

The system operates throughout the home so all faucets, showers, and appliances are affected. Removing impurities in all areas will save homeowners a substantial amount of money. In addition to better tasting water that eliminates the need to purchase bottled, occupants will need fewer cleaners, shampoos, soaps, and detergents.

Which System to Purchase

The size and design of systems for water conditioners in Gainesville FL varies to accommodate the needs of the home, as well as the budget of the homeowner. Free water testing is the offered to help technicians determine which system will work best. Those interested can  for details.

Test results are only one factor in selecting a system. Other factors include the size of the family, water usage, and the number of bathrooms and appliances in the home. A home that uses a dishwasher and operates a garbage disposal, for example, may require a larger system than a home without those two appliances.

The investment of a water conditioning system may seem high at first, but it provides significant savings well into the future. Compare current costs of cleaners, personal hygiene products, bottled water, and premature appliance replacement with the cost of the investment. A full return can be realized in three to five years, with continued savings beyond that time frame.

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