Why Invisalign is so Popular, Find a Professional in Lincoln Park

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Most adults in Lincoln Park find that they have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. They may have lived with it for years because they missed the opportunity for traditional braces as a teen, and now wonder if they’re destined to live with crooked teeth forever. The best news is that adults don’t have to deal with these issues because Invisalign is here to help. It can help your teeth shift to the appropriate spot just as well as traditional braces, but it doesn’t require metal to be placed on the teeth.

These plastic aligners are more comfortable than braces and are removable so that you can eat and brush regularly. Plus, they feel more comfortable, which means you may even forget you’re wearing them.

No Food Restrictions

The most significant complaint people have about traditional braces is that they can’t eat what they love. They have to be careful of sticky foods, such as taffy, and can’t have hard foods, such as nuts, popcorn, or apples. However, with Invisalign, those traditional restrictions are gone because you remove them while you eat. You can still eat as you normally would, but must remember to brush and floss afterward or as recommended by your dentist.

No Strange Hygiene

Lincoln Park residents also don’t have to worry about the weird hygiene that comes with traditional braces. You don’t have to use picks and brush with a strange toothbrush. With invisible braces, you remove the aligner tray and brush/floss normally.


With such invisible braces, you must wear them at least 20 hours a day for them to be effective. If you do that, your treatment can work just as well as traditional braces.

Invisalign is an excellent choice for adults and some teens who don’t want metal braces. Visit Chicago Smile Design in Lincoln Park at https://www.chicagosmiledesign.com for more information. Follow us on twitter.

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