Why it Is Common to Include River Rock in San Marcos, TX Landscaping Projects

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Landscape professionals in San Marcos use a variety of materials to create interesting, low-maintenance designs. In addition to plants, trees, shrubs, and hardscaping, they include rock in San Marcos, TX designs. Most order various kinds of river rock from specialty suppliers. Unlike the usual, sharp-edged stones found on the ground, river rocks have soft, round shapes that have been formed by water. They are sold in a range of colors and sizes that make them ideal for dry creek beds, paths, and decorative borders.

Dry Creek Beds Are Made From Decorative Rocks

Landscapers and home gardeners who want to create interesting elements that require no water often create dry creek beds from river rock in San Marcos, TX. A dry creek bed is made to look like a meandering stream of water that “flows” across the property. It can include trees, boulders, and other elements that might occur in nature. Designers typically choose river rocks when creating these elements to mimic the natural appearance of stones in running water.

River Rock Paths Add Interest to Landscaping

Professional landscapers who want to create unique paths across properties also order river rock, often via sites like visit us website. Paths made from rocks look a bit like dry creek beds; but are designed to be walked on. Designers use smaller rocks and may arrange them between pavers or stepping stones. In most cases, the stone paths also include border material such as wood, which helps contain the rocks.

Rocks Can Be Used for Custom Accents

Because river rock is found in various colors and shapes, it is an ideal accent material. Both professional landscapers and home gardeners routinely create custom looks with it. Many use river rock instead of mulch to control weeds, reduce watering needs, and add a splash of color. It can be spread around shrubs to create an eye-catching accent that contrasts with plants. River rocks make an ideal fence or wall border and are often used to create elegant designs around fountains.

Stones with rounded edges shaped by water are known as river rocks and are popular landscaping materials. Both landscaping experts and DIY gardeners use them to create rock paths and dry creek beds. River rocks can also be customized to create unique accents that show off other landscaping features.

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