Why Living Off-Campus in Bowling Green Is the Way to Experience College

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2022


Why Living Off-Campus in Bowling Green Is the Way to Experience College

When you go off to college, there are many choices to be made. One of these choices will be where you are going to live at. While the college itself will try and push you into living in a dorm room, you will certainly want to seriously consider living in Bowling Green State University apartments.

Cut The Chaos

Believe it or not, living on campus can be quite chaotic. From unscheduled room inspections to the fact that you will generally have to leave campus during a winter break, dorm life can be a pain. The same cannot be said for the luxury of apartment living. You can stay as long as you want and do not have to leave at any point in time, at least until the lease is up and you decide not to renew. As far as inspections go, the landlord usually cannot enter without your explicit permission.

You Pick Your Roommate

When you live in a dormitory, the administrative staff chooses your roommate essentially at random. This means that you are all but certain to be living with a complete stranger. When you choose to live in a student apartment, however, you choose your roommate, or even whether to have a roommate at all.


Instead of being crammed into a small space where there is very little, if any, privacy, you can choose to live in Bowling Green State University apartments where at the very least you get your own bedroom and a semi-private bathroom (if you live with someone else.)

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