Why Many Residents Install Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA Homes

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


At one time many disabled, mobility challenged or elderly Pittsburgh residents moved out of beloved family homes simply because the stairs were too hard for them to climb. Today they can often stay just by installing stair lifts with hand-held controls that allow users to glide up or down stairs on chairs attached to rails. Modern Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA also help to save homeowners money while increasing their safety and independence.

Lifts Make it Easier to Age in Place

Families often install Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA homes so that elderly relatives can stay in their homes for life and have full access to all rooms. Studies show that the elderly live longer, healthier lives when they are surrounded by familiar things and have the freedom to continue favorite activities. Stair lifts include controls that anyone can operate, are easy to get on and off of and let seniors move between floors, no matter how limited their mobility might be.

Patients With Stair Lifts Are Safer

Many patients with long-term disabilities or those recovering from injuries contact experts at sites like Mcardlesurgical.com and schedule the installation of stair lifts. Since falls on stairways are some of the most dangerous and common accidents among the mobility impaired, the lifts make homes much more user friendly. Stair lifts allow patients to safely move about their homes, which boosts their confidence and helps to keep them active.

Installing a Stair Lift Can Save Money

It is also common for homeowners to install stair lifts in order to avoid the expense of moving or renovations. Families who invite elderly or disabled relatives to stay with them can avoid the cost of adding separate first-floor rooms. Those with physical challenges can also avoid moving into pricey assisted living facilities that are equipped for their needs.

Modern stair lifts make it comfortable for anyone to get up and down stairs, even those suffering from balance or mobility problems. As a result, many seniors have lifts installed so that they can stay in homes they love. Stair lifts also keep homes safe for the disabled, who are at risk for falls while climbing stairs.

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