Why More Women Choose Threading In Round Rock TX For Hair Removal

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


Of the various ways to remove unwanted hair from the face, few are gaining in popularity like threading, and though it is relatively new in the US, it is a hair removal practice that has been in use in other parts of the world for hundreds of years. At first, it may seem like an odd treatment option, but it is, in fact, becoming the go-to way of combating unwanted facial hair. Before a person determines if it is right for them, they should take the time to research the various benefits of Threading in Round Rock TX.

Eliminates Ingrown Hairs

Waxing and plucking, while useful, increase a person’s risk of getting an ingrown hair. Not only are they painful, but if left untreated, they may lead to an infection and require medical intervention to stave off the risk of sepsis. Avoid this by choosing a removal method that is not only more efficient but safe for the skin and hair follicle.

Greater Accuracy and Precision

Even with waxing, most women will notice several stray hairs after a session. Threading in Round Rock TX is done with increased accuracy, allowing the technicians to remove all of the unwanted hairs in an area quickly. It is also a great way to shape eyebrows, as it is easier to control during the shaping process and ensures every hair is removed to create flawlessly shaped brows.

Affordable Hair Removal

Another great benefit is that threading is affordable, and since most appointments take 15 minutes or less they are easy to schedule and plan for. If a person is leery of trying it due to a fear of cost, don’t fret. Most salons provide this invaluable service at a price that is similar to or slightly below traditional waxing.

If a person is tired of dealing with the embarrassment of unwanted facial hair, threading may be an excellent option. Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar offers customized hair removal procedures and a plethora of other self-care services that will allow anyone to look and feel their best. Call today to learn more and schedule an appointment to get rid of facial hair once and for all.

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