Why Residential AC Maintenance in Bryan OH is Needed

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


One of the biggest components of being a homeowner is being able to maintain and update the major appliances in the home. The air conditioning system is one of those. Whether the unit is a new unit or many years old, Residential AC Maintenance in Bryan OH is needed on a seasonal basis. Often times, air conditioning companies may offer a maintenance plan to ensure this service is performed. Why should maintenance be performed on air conditioning units?

Prolong Their Life

The main reason to have seasonal maintenance performed on an HVAC unit it so it will last longer. The typical life expectancy of an HVAC unit is around 20 years. This could be longer or shorter depending on how the unit is cared for.

Energy Bills

When an air conditioning unit is serviced on a regular basis, this can keep the energy bills in the home consistent. If maintenance has not been performed, the system could be overworking itself causing the energy bills to fluctuate and be much higher than normal.

Prevent Problems

A licensed HVAC contractor is trained to notice problems during the maintenance and inspection of an air conditioning unit. If a problem is caught early on, this could prevent it from escalating and causing a larger, more expensive repair.

Maintain Warranty

Many equipment manufacturers require annual maintenance to be performed in order to keep the warranty on the unit valid. If this maintenance is not performed and documented by the company and something should happen to the unit, the manufacturer would not cover the cost of the repair or parts.

There is a lot of residential AC maintenance in Bryan OH that can be done by the homeowner themselves. This includes things such as changing air conditioning filters on a regular schedule, keeping debris and dirt away from the outdoor unit, and keeping furniture away from the supply and return vents. It is also a good idea to do a frequent visual inspection of the indoor and outdoor units for anything that may look abnormal. For questions on what to look for or to schedule your seasonal maintenance, contact us in Bryan, OH.

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