Why RF Welding is Superior to Sewing

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jan, 2020


There are many types of welding out there, and most people consider the technique of welding to be specifically meant for fusing types of metals together. However, with RF welding, this is actually a technique that’s used to fuse two pieces of fabric together, which can prove to be a lot more beneficial than just sewing them together. Finding RF welding services may be exactly what a business needs for their products to do better than the competition.

Here are a few advantages of going with RF welding over sewing.

Handles Stress Better

RF welds handle stress a lot better, as the fabric is basically fused together rather than held in place with some thread. So especially for seams that are going to bend and stretch a lot, the RF method will keep the fabric held together a lot longer.

More Attractive

Going with RF welding services for products can create seamless integration that looks a whole lot better than stitches look. What people basically see is one continued piece of fabric instead of separate pieces that have been sewn together. This is a great feature for many different products.

More Airtight

The airtight seal is essential in a lot of products like bags and items that might be used underwater, at higher altitudes, in freezing weather, etc. There’s no space at all for air to get through, so the RF construction is far superior in that regard. Overall, this is a very beneficial method to weld material.

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