Why Signing up for Automatic Heating Oil Delivery in Clinton Is a Beneficial Idea

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2019


It’s official. Summer is loosening its grip on the nation, and the time has come to start thinking about the heating system. Even if you don’t need heat quite yet, there’s no doubt you will soon. Being ready ahead of the chill is the key to staying comfortable all winter long. Having the heating system inspected and any necessary repairs made before the cold sets in is part of the process, but further efforts may be necessary. Consider scheduling automatic heating oil delivery in Clinton as well. Doing so could offer a number of benefits.

Always Being Prepared

Running out of heating oil is never a positive situation. In fact, it generally tends to happen just when you need heat the most. At those times, suppliers’ delivery schedules are often hectic, to say the least. This means you could spend days waiting for a refill and freezing the whole time. Automatic deliveries help ensure you won’t run out, and remembering to call in advance to request a delivery won’t be an issue.


In some cases, coming up with the extra money to pay for a heating oil delivery is just as much of a hurdle as remembering to schedule one. Automatic delivery customers have certain advantages in this regard, though. Payment won’t be required at the time of delivery, and payment plans may be available to help spread the overall cost over several months rather than squeezing the expense into the year’s coldest few months.

Beat Price Hikes

Sometimes, signing up for automatic heating oil delivery in Clinton gives you the opportunity to schedule the service when fuel prices are relatively low and pay in advance. This means you’ll be able to order your entire winter supply of fuel at the current price. When fuel prices rise during the holiday rush, your cost won’t change.

Dealing with the need for heating fuel and its extra cost during the colder months is inevitable. Still, it doesn’t have to be a hassle or an extensive financial burden. Scheduling automatic delivery gives you an opportunity to offset the expense and avoid the frustration of running out at the wrong times. Contact EastRiverEnergy.com to learn more or sign up for an automatic delivery plan.

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