Why Trees Require Branch Removal in Queens County NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Trees are a source of beauty that can enhance any landscape. With proper care and maintenance, they can live for a very long time. As trees grow older they may need Branch Removal in Queens County NY to keep them healthy and contained within a specific space.

Trees Require Regular Pruning

In order to keep trees looking good, it’s important to regularly remove any broken or dead limbs. If unhealthy branches are left on a tree, it can cause the tree to be more susceptible to disease and pests. While small trees may be able to be trimmed by the average person, larger trees require the skills of a professional tree service who can determine which branches to remove, while still retaining a balanced overall tree shape at the same time.

When to Trim Branches

Some trees grow quickly, while others grow slowly. However, All trees require Branch Removal in Queens County NY at some point, since weather and age can greatly affect the growth and health of the limbs. When trees have been damaged in storms, have branches interfering with wires, or have boughs rubbing against a building, they should be attended to before they fall or exert too much weight on the structures near them.

Assess the Problem Before Removing

When a tree looks ill many people may assume that it’s dying and must be cut down. Before resorting to such an extreme measure, consult with a tree expert, since often times the tree is just sick do to an injury or pests that have invaded the trunk, limbs or root system. A tree specialist can determine the problem and recommend a solution if it’s possible for the tree to be saved.

Removal and Planting

If a tree must be removed for any reason, a tree service can handle the entire process and plant a new one, if so desired. A knowledgeable tree expert can make recommendations for species that will do best in a particular zone. Choosing the right selection for an area can ensure that a tree will thrive and provide shade and beauty for years to come.

Regular care and maintenance can help trees to be a focal point, while providing shade and shelter too. A tree service offers many options for ensuring that trees remain healthy and are visually aesthetic. Visit us for more information regarding what services are available.

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