Why Use a Firewood Service in East Lyme, CT?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


When fall starts to make an appearance, many people start thinking about firewood. No one wants to wait till the last minute to make sure they have what they need. While there are several ways to get firewood, there are lots of benefits to using a Firewood Service in East Lyme CT, to keep the house nice and toasty until the end of the winter.

Cutting Your Own Wood

For those overly-ambitious individuals, tracking down and cutting firewood is an appealing option. Unfortunately, this can be incredibly time-consuming and more difficult than it sounds. First, a person needs to find an area where he or she is allowed to cut wood. Then, it takes a time to actually cut the wood. From there, the pieces still need to be cut into usable sizes. Using a firewood service means letting someone else do all the hard work.

Buying From Stores or the Side of the Road

You don’t have to look far to find firewood for sale. Everywhere from the local grocery store to a stand on the side of the road may be offering wood. But, these locations aren’t always offering the best wood for the cost. Instead, you don’t always know what you are getting and could end up disappointed somewhere down the line. Once the purchase is made, it is still your responsibility to get the wood home. Again, its a lot of work without any guarantee that the wood is going to be ideal.

Firewood Service

A Firewood Service in East Lyme CT, makes the entire process easy. Someone else cuts down the trees, splits the wood, and then delivers it to your doorstep. You have a reputable company to work with and a phone number in case you have any questions or concerns. There’s no need to waste days finding trees in the right area. There are no concerns or worries because you are getting seasoned firewood that you can count on. And, all of this shows up at your door to be stored until you need it.

When you hear the name Dunn’s Tree Service, you might think about a tree and stump removal. However, the same company also handles firewood service too.

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