Why Would You Suffer Mold Problems In Ashburn VA?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


What are the problems caused by mold and are they endemic to Ashburn VA? Considering that mold not only gives us the penicillin that saves countless lives; but, also the wonderful taste of blue cheese; why should we think of it as a problem?

What Is Mold Anyway?

We are referring here to the biological use of the word “mold” which is, in fact, a somewhat loose term that, strictly speaking, should only apply to certain microscopic types of fungi which are separate from those known as slime or water molds which are not fungi. True mold is a fungus that takes the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae as against the single call type known as yeasts.

What Do Molds Do?

Primarily, they cause biodegradation of natural materials which (from our point of view) can be either a problem or a benefit. The benefits include their role in the production of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, enzymes and antibiotics. The problems arise when molds cause food spoilage or damage to property. Additionally, some molds can cause disease in both animals and humans; mainly allergic reactions to breathing in mold spores; but, also the growth of pathogenic molds within the body and/or eating food containing mycotoxins produced by molds.

The Problem Cases (1) Food

Once unwanted mold starts to grow on foodstuffs; there isn’t much that can be done about it. True, you could scrape the mold off and eat what is underneath but that would be a somewhat last ditched effort – best to throw spoiled food away.

The Problem Cases (2) Property

If mold is nothing more than a microscopic fungus; how can it be visible enough to be a problem? One mold spore does not a problem make – but, that one can replicate quickly into many. You won’t be able to see the single one; but, once it has formed a colony the vast number growing together soon becomes visible to the human eye. At the very least, such visibility in an inhabited place is considered unsightly and hints at dirtiness and bad housekeeping. This is not unique to Ashburn VA; it happens nearly everywhere in the world (wherever moisture is present).

Getting Rid Of Mold

To discourage mold growth; try not to leave surfaces damp. If, despite your efforts, you start to see mold; then scrubbing it off as quickly as possible should have the problem under control. However, if the colony has grown quite large it will require the services of a company like PMSi Mold Treatment Division who specialize in Mold Removal in Ashburn VA area.

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