Why You Should Consider an NCOALink Service

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Nov, 2014


If you own a business where sending out mailings are a big part of your business, you need to ensure that the catalogs and other mail you send out gets where it is required to be. Most companies understand that Americans move around a lot, but most don’t realize that about 43 million people move and change their addresses each year, which can cause a lot of problems for those who rely on mailers to get and keep customers, which is why an NCOALink service can help you.

Moved with COA Form

Most Americans find it easier to put in a change of address form with the USPS in order to have the mail forwarded to their new address. This tells the companies involved with the person that they have moved and to update their records. Many Americans find this option much easier than having to call and change their address with each company.

However, the company in question must have NCOALink service software available to match up COA forms with their customers to find out who has moved, when and where they have moved to.

Moved without a COA Form

While most Americans tend to want their mail, some are trying to get away from bill collectors and high bills they cannot afford. While this may not seem like a good idea to some, many people do this. In this case, they will move without filling out a change of address form, causing many companies to lose track of their customers or collections.

While this may not be helpful for your company, NCOALink service software will at least be able to tell you that they are not at the address you have on file and that no other information has been received. You can then try finding them with other methods or move on to other potential customers.

Non-matching Records

The USPS wants every piece of mail to be addressed properly, and while this doesn’t happen all the time, businesses should understand that NCOALink service software will help addresses to be written or typed correctly. Though you may not think it a big deal to write out “avenue” instead of putting the abbreviated “Ave.,” it can affect the time it takes to get the mail to the proper place. Instead, it would be much easier to have NCOALink software that tells you that your information is not 100 percent correct so that it can be changed immediately.

Companies should consider signing up for NCOALink service options so that they may know when customers move, allowing your mail to get into the right hands. Visit Anchor Computer Software for more information.

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