Why You Should Hire Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Family Law Attorney


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If you are considering divorce, you need to think about all the issues that are part of the process. One of the most important of these issues is custody of your children. It is important to make sure that your decision to file for a divorce doesn’t negatively affect the life of your child. To make sure of that, you need to hire child Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH. Here are some reasons these lawyers are indispensable in the process.

They take care of the best interests of your child

The fact that you have decided to walk away from a spouse shouldn’t mean that your child has to suffer through lack of resources like good clothing, shelter and a good education. These attorneys will make sure that child support is allocated in a fair way. The other partner will have to do their share of meeting the needs of the child whether they are present or not. This could be an issue especially with parents that try to hide assets to forgo their responsibility. The lawyer will ensure that cheating does not occur in the allocation of financial responsibility towards the children.


Very few divorce proceedings can be described as amicable. This means that your spouse will try and use the proceedings as a fighting mechanism. This can be really difficult especially if bitterness is crowding the better judgment of the other party. The sad thing is that the custody is rarely granted on the promises of being a better or a more responsible parent. The things that can affect your bid for custodianship include:

1. Your financial stability
2. The kind of work you do and how available you are for parenting.
3. Your criminal background. This is a major issue because many people are denied custody because of crimes that they did when parenting didn’t matter.
4. The state of your physical and emotional health

To avoid unfair rulings that will sentence your child to a life of misery, you need to contact Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH. One of the places you can go to get great lawyers is Richmorris-law.com. Alternatively, you can Contact Richard L Morris Co. L.P.A and get started with the custody battle.

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