Why You Should Opt for Bee Removal Over Extermination

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Dec, 2019


We’re all aware of how dire the situation has become for bees, but that doesn’t mean you want a nest in your home. Extermination may seem like the easiest, fastest, and most effective option, but you do have another choice. If you’re in need of bee removal in Phoenix, AZ, here’s why you should choose removal over extermination.

Help The Environment

By choosing not to exterminate the bees in your home or yard, you’re helping a struggling species to survive. The pollination assists in food production and is a part of a healthy and thriving ecosystem. You also avoid spreading harmful pesticides.

Prevent Further Damage to Your Home

When a pest control company seals off a nest, heat can encourage decay and fermentation. This mixture of beeswax and honey can penetrate housing materials, causing stains and damage. The mixture can then invite a number of other pests into your home. Some exterminators don’t remove all of the nest, which can encourage bees to return. This could also attract a different bee colony, which will then be subject to the pesticides left in the nest, thus causing more widespread damage.

Having bees in or near your home can be stressful, especially if you or someone in your family is allergic. Young children and pets can be especially prone to stings, but it’s also important to show the next generation how they can help save the bees. If you need bee removal in Phoenix AZ there are experienced professionals that can effectively remove bees from your property.

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