Why You Should Regularly Visit Dentists in Waikiki

Posted By : Alex , on Aug, 2014


The American Dental Association (ADA) and dentists in Waikiki recommend that you come back every six months for dental appointments. One reason for this strong recommendation is that such visits are crucial in ensuring the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth. Between these appointments, it is critical that you ensure your gums and teeth are healthy and clean. If you require further help, the dentist will likely recommend that you go in for more frequent visits.

The Regular Visit

Checking teeth for decay is just a single part of the dental examination. During the dental checkup appointment, the dental hygienist is likely to check on your gum health and perform a neck and head examination looking for anything extraordinary.

Other areas the dentist will check include the examining the mouth for signs of vitamin deficiencies, diabetes or oral cancer. Sometimes, the specialist might go even further and examine the movement of the lower jaw joints, saliva, bite and facial features. The dental health provider will clean the teeth and impress upon you the importance of maintaining great oral hygiene at home between visits.

Most dentists will pay particular attention to tartar and plaque. The tartar and plaque eventually build up when oral hygiene is not carried out. Tobacco, beverages and food also play a pivotal role in staining your teeth. If unresolved, plaque eventually hardens, irritating gum tissue, and leading to gum disease.

Neck and Head Examination

The dentist will usually begin the examination by examining your:

* Face

* Neck

* Lymph nodes

* Lower jaw joints (TMJs)

Clinical Dental Examination

The dentist then assesses your teeth’s state by:

* Carrying out gum examinations

* Checking for signs of gum disease

* Loose tooth identification

* Searching for tissue issues on the inside of your mouth

* Examination of the tongue

* Checking the bite

* Check for damaged fillings

* Evaluation of dental appliance you have installed

* Take x-rays

Dental Cleaning

The final part of your dental visit includes cleaning your mouth using various methods, including:

* Checking cleanliness of gums and teeth

* Removing tartar and plaque

* Teeth polishing

* Teeth flossing

* Review of recommended flossing and brushing methods

Once the examination and cleaning are done, dentists in Waikiki are in a better position to tell you just how healthy your gums and teeth are. Ensure that you visit your ala moana dental group denist every six months and follow the suggested steps for cleaning and keeping your mouth cavity healthy

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