Why Your Company Needs a Dependable Source of Aluminum Flat Stock

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2022


High quality aluminum flat stock is often used to machine custom parts in the aerospace industry. Also, it’s quite popular as a base material when manufacturing Biomed devices. Since aluminum has such versatile mechanical properties, it’s useful in many applications. Also, you may order several varieties in the same shipment, and they will all come at one time.

Aluminum Flat Stock

Most aluminum alloys feature great corrosion resistance, but not all do. For example, if you care about resisting corrosion, you may want to avoid 2024-T351 alloys. Yet, you can use some 6061-T651, and it will meet your needs spectacularly.

6061-T651 Alloy

On top of its corrosion resistance, 6061-T651 alloys are great for anodizing. Also, you may use it when welding, and it will adhere to metals well, forming strong bonds.

2024-T351 Alloy

Although 2024-T351 does not resist corrosion as well as 6061-T651, it has benefits. For example, it performs better when used in custom machining applications. Plus, it responds relatively well to welding and anodizing applications.

7075-T651 Alloy

7075-T651 alloys respond great when machining custom parts, and they’re corrosion-resistant. However, you must use special procedures to anodize with them, limiting their utility.

Round, Rectangle, and Square Stock

Sometimes, a round bar of aluminum would function best as a feedstock in your plant, but not always. In some cases, you may need a rectangular bar, or you might need to use a square one. Get them all from one source, and you’ll receive them in the same shipment, cutting costs.

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