Window Replacements In Colorado Springs Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


The exterior of a home will be improved with the installation of new windows. In addition to adding curb appeal, a home’s energy efficiency will be improved. Window Replacements in Colorado Springs can be designed to replace any window in the home.

If a homeowner uses plastic over their windows or the drapes and blinds closed throughout the winter to keep the cold air out, they should consider having their windows replaced. Replacement windows allow a homeowner to enjoy a view to the outside without feeling drafts and a big change of temperature in a room.

Energy Loss

Poorly insulated windows, poorly fitted frames, and inefficient glass and porous wood or vinyl frame materials can cause a home to use 30% more energy to heat or cool their home. Energy efficient windows will save a homeowner hundreds of dollars every year.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are ideal for a homeowner who wants to have the ability to clean their windows from inside of the home. A double hung window can be opened from the bottom or the top. Both window panels can be tilted in for easier cleaning and the elimination of standing on a ladder outside.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are more energy efficient because the top pane of the glass is stationary and the bottom pane will open. A single hung window is less expensive than a double hung window. Single hung windows are ideal for almost any style of home, including cape cods, colonials, Victorians, craftsman homes, ranch homes, and many more.

Slider Windows

If a homeowner prefers to have a wider view of the outside, slider Window Replacements in Colorado Springs will work for them. Slider windows move from side to side. A 2-lite slider will have two sliding sashes, and a 3-lite slider will have a fixed picture window in the middle with a sash on either side.

If your windows are foggy, suffering from excessive moisture, buildup, or is not keeping the cold or heat from affecting the inside of your home, now is a great time to have your windows replaced. For more information, please visit

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