Winterizing a Sprinkler System: Why Sprinkler Blowouts Boulder CO are so Important

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


It can be easy to forget certain things, such as winterizing an irrigation system. However, this is an important step that can help prevent serious damage during the colder months of the year. Some of the reasons that a homeowner should invest in Sprinkler Blowouts Boulder CO, as well as other winterization services can be found here.

Freezing Temperatures can Cause Serious Damage to Irrigation Systems

When water begins to freeze, it also expands. Even though water takes up 10 cubic feet, this will turn into 11 cubic feet of ice. This type of hydro-expansion can cause the pipes, pumps, valves, sprinklers, and fittings to break and burst. Draining the entire system of all water and investing in Sprinkler Blowouts in Boulder CO is the only way to ensure that the system is still going to work properly when warmer weather returns.

The Warranty on the System May is Voided if it isn’t Winterized

It is recommended by professionals in the industry that a homeowner “blows out” their system rather than relying on gravity to remove all the water from the pipes, the valves, and all the other parts. In fact, there are a number of irrigation companies that are going to void their parts and labor warranty if the homeowner does not invest in a blowout service as part of winterization for their system.

Save Money on Costly Repairs

If the sprinkler system does freeze, the expansion that occurs is going to destroy most of the components of the system. This means that the homeowner is going to have to pay someone for repair for their sprinkler system.

This is why it is so important to invest in winterization services for an irrigation system prior to cold and freezing temperatures arriving. For most areas, October is the ideal month to have this work done.

More information about sprinkler system winterization can be found by contacting the professionals from Wards Lawn Service. Those who are interested can also Visit the website. Taking some time to learn about the benefits offered will help ensure that a sprinkler system is going to continue working throughout the year without any serious issues.

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