With The Finest Selection of Pandora Jewelry in Westchester, You Can Showcase Your Unique Story

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


This isn’t your mother’s charm bracelet. Over the last decade, Pandora jewelry has become a tremendously popular fashion accessory. Offering a fresh, innovative update to the traditional charm bracelet, Pandora has more than 600 artisan-crafted pieces designed for each woman to create her own one-of-a-kind bracelet. Fans of the jewelry line often have multiple bracelets to represent their various interests, from their occupations to favorite causes to relationships with family and friends. If you are looking for Pandora Jewelry in Westchester, rest assured that you will find pieces to tell your individual story. There are charms to commemorate milestone events like weddings and births. Some ladies collect charms in their travels as very special souvenirs of a special trip. And animal lovers have a wide array of charms to choose from to remember, honor and show off their beloved pets. And with charms created in gold, silver, two-tone metal and enamel, with and without crystals and stones, there is a bracelet combination to suit any style and budget.

While most folks are familiar with Pandora charm bracelets, they may not know that Pandora also has its own line of necklaces and pendants, featuring generously-sized charms that look beautiful on their own, or surrounded by beads and smaller charms. As they do with the bracelets, customers design their own necklaces, beginning with their selection from an array of rope chain designs, then adding one or more charms and pendants to create an accessory that can be worn day or night, and dressed up or down.

Gaining in popularity almost as quickly as the charm bracelets, Pandora stackable rings have become a favorite with women of all ages and styles, and can be found at finer jewelry stores, such as Michael Matthews Jewelers. A customer can choose from a large selection of narrow and wide bands featuring engraved patterns, filigree work and stones. Often women mix and match bands to create accessories for daytime and evening looks, and many women stack the bands to form a right-hand ring, the newest fashion trend for married and unmarried women alike. With Pandora Jewelry in Westchester, any woman has the opportunity to showcase her own personal style, and add to her story as she fills the jewelry with new memories.

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