You Can Count on Professional and Reputable Memphis Movers When it’s Time to Relocate

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Oct, 2015


Are you packing up and leaving Memphis? It’s hard to imagine a better place to live, but if your job or other circumstances require you to pack-up, there are reputable commercial moving companies here in-town to help. Whether you’re moving to Chattanooga, Knoxville or another state, there are professional moving companies that can help you make the move smoothly and efficiently.

On the Move

People move for many reasons. Relocating for work adds area of required coordination. Memphis movers provide a variety of customized services that can address a wide-range of needs. The moving industry continues to find ways to help their clients manage a transition even when it’s not an ideal situation. Service offerings can include:

* Free estimate
* Single point of contact
* Packing materials
* Full or partial packing and unpacking
* Property protection
* Valuation coverage
* Short- and long-term storage
* Crating and specialty packing


If a home sale is part of the move, there are additional service offerings that reputable Memphis movers can provide. Preparing for a home sale may require decluttering or storing valuables. A storage facility should provide short- and long-term vaults that are secure. You can expect easy loading and unloading access, security monitoring, alarm and fire suppression equipment along with property protection coverage. If your relocation is temporary, storing furnishings and valuables can be arranged for longer time periods.

Wrap It Up

The biggest concern for most customers is the protection of their personal belongings and valuables during a move. There are professional movers that understand the importance of safely handling and transporting their customers’ belongings. For those odd shaped and extremely fragile pieces, moving companies offer specialty crating.

It’s also always good practice to purchase property protection and valuation coverage. With GPS technology devices, there are commercial movers that also provide online tracking during transport. In the end, choose a company that values your possessions as much as you do.

Where Do I Sign

After reviewing your free estimate, be sure the company has answered all of your questions and concerns. Identifying a qualified, reasonably priced moving company is easier than ever. Once you secure your mover and moving date, you can focus on the other decisions that demand your attention. Happy moving!

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