You Need An Oil Change In Tulsa To Keep Your Car In Good Shape

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Any car owner who doesn’t realize how important an Oil Change Tulsa is to their vehicle is probably going to end up having some problems. Unfortunately, some car owners don’t pay attention to the basic maintenance needs of their vehicles. Neglecting oil changes can easily lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage to an automobile.

Oil Is The Lifeblood Of A Vehicle

Getting an Oil Change in Tulsa at a place like Tate Boys Tire & Service helps to ensure that the lifeblood of a vehicle is clean and able to do its job. Clean oil helps to lubricate the parts inside of the engine. Understand that a vehicle’s engine can generate a lot of heat while the automobile is operating. Oil helps to keep friction under control while the parts are moving.

Signs That An Oil Change Is Needed

There are some signs that a car owner should watch out for if they are worried about whether or not an oil change is needed. One of the most obvious signs is the ‘check oil’ light illuminating on the dashboard. That means that the car is detecting a problem with the car’s oil. A car with an oil level that is too low definitely needs to have an oil change, and the oil level of a car can be checked manually using the dipstick under the hood.

More Signs That An Oil Change Is Needed

A car owner might notice a burning smell if their vehicle is having problems with oil. The burning smell might come from oil that is old and contaminated. Low oil levels might also cause a burning odor. Also, if oil levels aren’t high enough, there might be a clicking sounds coming from the engine. Any strange sounds made by the engine have to be immediately addressed. People click here to find out more about oil changes.

Rebuilding an engine costs a lot of money. Other engine problems can also be costly to fix. It’s just easier for car owners to take 15 minutes out of their day to get their oil changed. It doesn’t cost that much money to have the service done.

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