You Want Tresses On Top Of Your Head; But, What About Elsewhere?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Historically, we are not all that far removed from our more animal like ancestors whose whole bodies were covered in a furry pelt simply to keep them warm during the Earth’s various freezing cold ice ages. However, once we invented clothing and/or moved to warmer climes where such protection was not needed; we started a permanent molting process until most of us only grew superfluous follicles on top of our heads and in a few other places. For some reason, men did not lose as much of their covering as women and excessive bodily hair on women came to be considered unfeminine and even unsightly in most societies; especially in so called developed places like Cincinnati in Ohio.


Men either choose to grow a beard or to shave it off every day. However, this still leaves the roots under their skins so stubble quickly appears and shaving becomes a regular necessity. Unfortunately, stubble on a lady’s chin (or other parts of her anatomy) would be considered as unsightly as her growing a beard. Therefore, this method of removal is not ideally suited for women. Especially as shaving implements can often cut or damage the underlying skin.

Other Ways To Bare The Skin

 *   Rip it out by the roots using tweezers, waxes, etc. Can be painful and somewhat short lasting.

 *   Depilatory creams and lotions – usually proprietary over the counter brands. Not considered overly effective but well suited to self application at home.

 *   Laser treatment – there are 5 different methods. I.E.:- pulsed light (IPL) using such as an EpiLight machine; alternatively a diode laser with 800nm or 810nm wavelength; or, the Nd: Yag laser system at 1064nm wavelength; plus either a ruby laser of 694nm wavelength; or an Alexandrite at 755nm wavelength.

Many women believe laser treatment to be the least painful; most efficient and longest lasting system. The EpiLight machine is FDA approved for long lasting hair reduction and it can be used on any part of the face or body. Even though it effectively destroys the follicles; it should not be considered permanent and additional treatments might be needed.

Avail Yourself Of An Initial Consultation

Clinics like the Anderson Cosmetic & Vein Center who specialize in Hair Removal For Cincinnati, OH recognize that different people will have different requirements. Therefore, they recommend that each client discusses their problem with them in order to ascertain the best treatment to undertake. Visit  for more information.

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