Your Online Activity Might Cause You to Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Vandalia, OH

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


A person could do something online that might get them into trouble with the law and lead to the need for a criminal defense lawyer in Vandalia, OH. Laws get passed all the time without citizens being aware of the changes to the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law isn’t a valid excuse for breaking it.

Laws Against Revenge

An individual seeking revenge against an ex-partner could get into trouble if they post compromising pictures of their ex online. In late 2018, A new law regarding revenge nude picture posting was signed into law in Ohio. An individual who practices what is considered by law to be revenge nude picture posting could find themselves in serious trouble and need the help of a criminal defense lawyer in Vandalia, OH.

Laws Against Bullying

Nowadays, bullying people online can get the offending party arrested. Online bullying has been cited in several cases of suicide, so it’s something that the law has started to take very seriously. Arguments happen online all the time, but when one of the parties involved takes it too far, bullying can happen. Anyone who is facing charges for their online activity should visit

Accidentally Breaking the Law

A person’s online activity could lead to them accidentally break the law and get in some serious trouble. For example, someone who engages in pirating content online might get hacked and have their compromised system used for illegal activities. Some illegal content involving children could be stored on their system by others. If they take their computer in for repairs, the content might be discovered and law enforcement contacted.

Being Safe

To stay on the right side of the law, users of the Internet just have to exercise a little common sense. Bullying and doing petty things for revenge should be avoided. If a person is going to engage in questionable downloading activity online, they need to make sure their computer security is up to par so that a hack doesn’t take place.

A criminal lawyer can represent a defendant who is facing felony or misdemeanor charges. Entering the courtroom without legal representation is a huge mistake.

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