Your Options for Residential Pool Resurfacing in Long Island, NY

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2017


There’s a great deal of upkeep that’s required when a homeowner has a pool at their home. Keeping the water as clean as possible is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also means that the pool is safe for people to use. Even though the things like the water are important, the physical condition of the pool, more pointedly, the surface of the pool, is also something that pool owners will have to consider.

Resurfacing Concrete Pools

Depending on the type of pool that a person has at their home, pool resurfacing in Long Island NY can take on many forms. For example, older pools were typically made with concrete.

While this material is extremely durable, the concrete can begin to erode away over time, making it a very rough surface for bare skin. This can result in a lot of scrapes and scratches happening when people use the pool. It can also create a very unsanitary condition.

An Expensive but Necessary Process

In these situations, the pool will need to be drained periodically and the surfaces will need to be sanded down to a smooth texture to avoid any injuries or unsanitary conditions. This is an extreme form of resurfacing, but with concrete pools, it is one thing that will keep the pool safe for usage.

Alternative Forms of Resurfacing

Another option for concrete pools and one that is very good for fiberglass pools as well is to use a vinyl liner. This has a number of benefits. Vinyl liners are extremely easy to install and they’re much more affordable than concrete resurfacing.

In addition, vinyl can protect the surface of a fiberglass or concrete pool. This means that less periodic Resurfacing in Long Island NY will be necessary. In addition, vinyl liners come in various colors and patterns so a person can give a bit of aesthetic charm to what may have once been a dull looking pool area.

If you need to have your concrete pool resurfaced or you’re looking to resurface the pool in a way that will protect the actual surface material, you may want to check out Sky Blue Pools. This resource will have everything you need for resurfacing concrete pools or adding a decorative and practical vinyl liner to protect the bottom and sides of your pool.

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