3 Basic Skills to Gain from Pet Training in Alexandria

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


For many families, a pet is considered a member of the family. So, it’s important that a pet gets everything he or she needs to be happy and healthy. This includes some type of pet training in Alexandria. All families aren’t interested in training their dogs to sniff out certain objects or even be able to retrieve something hidden in the backyard. Instead, there are a few skills that can make life at home better for the humans as well as their pet.

House Training

Anyone in the house will admit that training a pet to do his or her business in a specific place is critical to everyone’s happiness. Pets need to know they have a very specific area to take care of these types of needs. This can also be one of the most challenging parts of pet training in Alexandria. It’s important for pets to be rewarded when they make the right choice, encouraging them to go back to the same place over and over again. This makes cleaning up after pets easier and prevents a lot of frustration toward the pet when they go to the bathroom in the house.


No one wants their dog to run wild without any type of discipline. That’s why pets need to know that, when they are called, they need to come right away. There are several reasons why this part of training should be a priority. There are times when safety is going to be an issue. A pet needs to be able to drop everything and head back to the owner to prevent an incident. It’s also nice to be able to call a pet to the owner so more training or even a walk outside can take place.

Walking on a Leash

It’s so frustrating to be dragged across the neighborhood by a pet that wants to make a run for it. Going for walks is something that benefits pets and their owners. But, if pets don’t behave on a walk, owners may be less likely to take them out, causing a variety of issues for everyone. Instead, pets should be able to walk on a leash with the owner without incident. Browse us online for more information on training for your furry friend.

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