Get Your Pet Looking Sharp with a Pet Grooming Service in Alexandria, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2019


Animals have come an astounding way since their undomesticated form centuries ago. Some breeds have had external changes in shape and size. Pit bulls might be the best example of the changes in form over years of breeding. But regardless of what an animal looks like, owners want their pet to look good. A well trimmed dog can look fabulous. When people think about pet grooming they tend to think about the iconic poodle haircut that wealthy families own. But most grooming isn’t quite as flashy but still is eye catching.

When the spring gives way to summer and pets are shedding like mad, a groomer can help cut down the piles of fur that gather. It is important to get rid of this excess hair both for the animal and for owner, especially if there is anyone allergic to animal hair. But a pet grooming service in Alexandria, VA, like Fort Hunt Animal Hospital, can offer a lot of other services for pets like giving them baths. A bath will help clean the fur of an animal and get rid of some of the matted hair clumps in preparation for hair trimming. Some pet owners want this option because animals react differently. Some might love the water and think that it is time to play. Others have a slightly less enthusiastic approach and act like the water is killing them. Regardless, it can be difficult for an untrained pet owner to give an effective bath. Fort Hunt can also take a look at the nails and ears. Nails can be cut so they cause less damage to property and ears need to be checked for ear mites.

Pets are a handful for anyone, but everyone wants to take the best possible care for their animals. People will often take their dogs to the park and play with them there. Some pets are pampered with high end food and treats for the animal to stuff their faces in. In many cases people will use a pet grooming service in Alexandria, VA to get a professional cut for their animal, because what is a pet if not an extension of one’s family.

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