3 Benefits To Consider In Upgrading To A 10 GBPS Unmetered Dedicated Server

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Apr, 2018


The vast majority of businesses, including e-commerce businesses, start out using a shared hosting service. This often a combination of uncertainty in launching a new online business and the response it will receive as well as a limited budget for IT services until the business starts to show a profit.

When the traffic and activity through website or account have issues with lags, crashes or bogging down at peak use times, or if you are streaming more than your current hosting service can manage, upgrading to a 10GBPS unmetered dedicated server may be the solution to the problems.

Dedicated to Your Business

Unlike shared hosting servers, with the dedicated hosting plan, there are no other tenants on the server. This allows your business to configure the server to optimize performance to your current and future needs and demands.
It will also allow you to manage spikes in use, continue to grow your online traffic and to easily scale your system up to meet the needs of your business and your customers.

Storage Possibilities

With the 10GBPS unmetered dedicated server, storage is not going to a problem, even for applications that require both a lot of memory and hard drive as well as required server power to run the applications.
Often, storage issues and low or shared resources are the biggest limitations on shared servers. With the dedicated and unmetered option, there are no limitations to what the company can do.

Easy Transfer of Infrastructure

One overlooked benefit to choosing a dedicated server over a move to cloud-based servers and systems is the ease of transfer of the existing infrastructure. This can typically be completed by the in-house IT team for the company, or it may also be offered as a service by the hosting company.

Either option will allow your website to have a seamless transition, dramatically decreasing downtime when moving from a server to the cloud. To find more information on the benefits of unmetered dedicated servers, talk to the hosting experts at RedSwitches.

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