Reviewing Claims With A Wrongful Death Attorney In Hollywood, FL

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Lawyers


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In Florida, a wrongful death lawsuit is filed after a fatality occurs that was sudden and unexpected. To bring a case to the court for this reason, a family must show evidence that suggests that the fatality was avoidable. The claim must show that an alternative event could have stopped the victim from dying. A Wrongful Death Attorney Hollywood FL helps families file a lawsuit now.

Defining How the Fatality Occurred

A wrongful death lawsuit requires scientific evidence that shows exactly how the victim died. The most effective way to make the distinction is to order an autopsy for the victim. The forensic assessment identifies how the victim died. The autopsy must show that the event identified in the claim was the reason for the fatality. It must link the defendant to the fatality by direct action or negligence.

What Does a Wrongful Death Indicate?

In legal terms, a wrongful death indicates the victim’s death wasn’t due to natural causes and/or unavoidable circumstances. For a fatality to be legally wrongful, it must occur due to a criminal act performed by another party or negligence. For example, a fatality produced in an auto accident is wrongful if the at-fault driver was intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances. The DUI is also a criminal act.

Are There Other Forms of Negligence in the Cases?

Yes, in a product’s liability, a wrongful death is caused by flaws or dangers linked to a product. In a medical malpractice, a wrongful death occurs if the surgical procedure that caused the fatality was performed without permission.

What Types of Awards are Likely in These Lawsuits?

The family presents the case in court after a wrongful death. The monetary awards include all medical and funeral expense incurred by the family. Any loss of financial support is restored through the monetary award. Typically, the spouse and/or children receive the lifetime earnings of the victim. Some tort-based awards are provided, too.

In Florida, a wrongful death is caused by negligence and/or criminal offenses. The circumstances in which the fatality occurs defines whether or not it was a wrongful death or an unfortunate accident. Families that need to file a lawsuit contact a Wrongful Death Attorney Hollywood FL or Browse the site right now.

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