3 Important Things That Your Dentist Will Tell You About Implants

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Dentist


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Whether you need to replace a single tooth or all of your teeth, it pays to consider what different types of dental implants have to offer. From individual implants to solutions that involve fewer implants and custom dental plates, there’s a good chance this approach will work well for you. As you discuss this option with an dental implants chicago il , here are three things you will learn.

Implants Last Longer Than Most People Realize

Dental implants of all types are sturdy. They are almost as durable as real teeth. Assuming you take proper care of them, the implants will last for decades. Remember to brush after meals and see the dentist for an annual exam and a couple of cleanings every year. Doing so makes it possible to check the implants and crowns, and to ensure that your gums are still healthy.

They’re More Affordable Than Most People Think

The durability of the implants is one of the reasons why this approach is more affordable than most people think. You could choose to go with dentures, but they will need to be replaced after several years. That’s because dentures fit over your gums and do nothing to prevent them from shrinking and changing shape. As your implant dentist in Chicago IL will explain, having implants embedded in the gums helps to prevent shrinkage and maintains the shape. Your implants could easily outlast three or four sets of dentures, so you end up saving money over the long run.

The Look is More Natural

The fact that dentures fit over the gums is one of the reasons why they don’t look quite as natural as real teeth. Your implant dentist in Chicago IL will have custom caps created for your implants so each one looks just like a real tooth. Even if you opt for what’s known as an All on Four solution, the dental plates also look more natural than a typical set of dentures.

Are you ready to talk about dental implants and why they are a good choice for you? Call Chicago Dental Solutions today or visit website and schedule an appointment. After a thorough dental exam, we’ll talk with you about your implant options, what to expect from each one, and be ready to schedule the procedure as soon as you’re ready.

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